Monday, January 25, 2010

My Local Bus Trip!!

It was a rush hour, on sunday 24th of this month. Beep-beep of loud horns and humidity, soaks people tiresome. Being at Bus stop in Vadodara central for many is a daily job. I came to vadodara for exam on sunday and returning back to Halol, Panchmahal. I choose the bus whose last destination was Dahod. 
In rushing and pulling each other to get in the bus, by loosing no time i jumped in the bus in search of a seat. I got one thank god. Previously travelling through private bus service with ease and comfortableness. This bus was overcrowded and full of noise, people gossips. Now as I am sitting for almost 20 minutes waiting the driver should drive away the but towards Halol. and then I was indulged with the talks of people, as i have to spent the times before get bore alone. I started observing peoples and looking around in the bus and movements of traffic on road. Trying glance on the driver or conductor. Once i seeing only a driver or conductor but not to both, so I confused more that how long this will take me to return home. 
Many thoughts brambling my mind to start something to settle in the field of social work. I read some big hoardings of Narendra Modi, CM, Gujarat. on the road as well as advertisements on the buses. Marketing e-gram vishwagram, developing rural Gujarat, government initiatives etc., Previously I had read articles and reports on VBKY, D-sag. van bandhu kalyan yojna especially for Panchmahal and Dahod Districts. considered as backward districts government is doing this and that bla bla bla....

while all this things roaming in my mind!! I suddenly heard a weeping voice of a child. I was searching around that who is crying constantly from 10 minutes by moving my head here and there. but no one on the seats having crying baby. Then I look down to one man holding her girl child in his arms. and one boy child lying on the man's foot down the seat. I just shocked, the boy child constantly crying, laid down under the seat just as luggage. The child cant even weep properly, he was ill with flu and cough, he cant even breathe properly and I was his heartbeat much faster than I through the movement of his chest. Working as social work professional, I just cant see what I was looking at the child was in danger. Then I glance to his father he seems to be poor, wears old clothes and look like he was working as labour in construction occupation. When I looked around him I do not found any food bag, water to drink or medicine which can relieve the child to stop at least crying or go sleep.  The child's age was around merely 10 months, Looks pale, malnutrition and hungry. Then the bus suddenly started and ticket collect come to us. My focus is diverted from the child towards the ticket collector and I paid for tickets. and I wonder who is running the bus meanwhile, I found no one is running the bus because the driver and conductor were the same. One man army, many argued with the conductor why dont this bus has the driver and he angrily said if you want to say this go to the bus depot manager dont argue with me and wasting time. Another 20 minutes ware spent behind collecting tickets and then the conductor become driver and started the bus.

In noise environment all were trying to set were they have got some space in the bus to rest to cut the journey to next 35 km at Halol and 128 Km to reach Dahod. In this noisy, crowded environment I feel uncomfortable and indulged my mind in thinking where is the SWARNIM GUJARAT development seen in this trip. Do we really have any change in the scenario as was displayed in large holdings of development, development, development. I found my self lucky enough that my family treated me well and my up-bringing was good, educated and preserved instead what I looked in this bus. I feel so ashamed of myself that why I just stand-up take the child in my hand, clean his nose, take him to nearest hospital, consult Dr. advise to give some relaxing medicines. why I could not bought some food to him and pray the god for his good health. Yes, I have all these question in my mind BECAUSE. 
I send Rs. 25 for 500 ml cold drinks. 
Rs. 500 on phone bills
Rs. 700 on petrol many visits are unintentional just for fun...
Rs. 2000 behind shopping, clothes, cinema and food. 
Rs. 500 behind internet and 500 behind snacks of burger and pizza shops (even if i know that these are the junk foods)

And comparing to this if I care to that child against my monthly earning of 10,000. If wont make me any financial trouble. If all other who are earning more than me a month do something for the needy like that child in the bus. I THINK THAT WILL BE THE REAL SOCIAL WORK AND SHINING EFFORTS TO MAKE THIS STATE SWARNIM.

Still a big question mark on this.....?????????????????????


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