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Social Work and Internet: 'Retrospective'

Information Technology and Internet
 A Tool for Social Work Students and Professionals


Development for people, community or individuals through welfare and participation is always supports national interest yet demanding qualified and skilled social work professionals to achieve the goals. This demand of skilled social work professionals can complete by social work education institution. There is good potential for students who are planning their Masters in social work education, numerous course concepts are provided to students to choose from MSW, MLW, MHRM, IRPM, PGDLL, PGDHRM, LLB, BSW etc., but their motive is to prepare a team of skilled Social Work, Human Resource Management Professionals. In this regard, students of social work education actually learns history of social work interventions, past and present social work practices, Labour Laws, Social Research, Field Placements, Introduction to Human Resource Management and develops their knowledge and ability to deliver they proficiencies in the field.

Depending upon the learning during social work education and placement conducted by student decides their choice of field in social work interventions. When we talk about prior education of social work we must seek their abilities to deliver their skills in best of their career development as this sphere there is something lacking which is been required to be filled up with an interactive session on Information and Knowledge : WHENEVER, WHEREVER  and WHATEVER requires by just one click.

A query on Half – Way:

I would like to ask few questions to institute, when student is appeared for final examination and got results it’s the HALF-Way, student reached before getting employment in social work, HR field. WHY?

1.       Does social work student’s competencies fits what current social work, HR practices requires?
2.       Does institute conducted any survey to measure current social work, HR practices and try to amend their curriculum accordingly to deliver the best education to social work students?
3.       Do ever students interact with the concept of information technology and its importance in social work practices, Human Resource Management and Labour Liaison?
4.       Do institute ever measure student’s competencies apart from curriculum provisions, that skills and knowledge fits to present scenario?      
5.       How Information superhighway can help social work, human resource management students to help themselves and understand present employment trends in NGOs and Industries?

For all these questions there is a little help we can do by the Information Technology and Internet ‘TOOL’ for social work professionals.

How does it help?

Apart from library literature and resources, following are some of the subjects in which information technology can help students and social work, HR professionals especially beginners to update their knowledge and make their skills enhanced.

(For Students and Beginners)

ü  History of social work and present scenario of social work.
ü  Information and literature on project, dissertation thesis.
ü  Social survey and case study resources.
ü  Online project reports, articles, thesis, web definitions and thesauruses.
ü  Current practices of social work and human resource profession.
ü  Labour Laws, Cases, Practices, Notification and Amendments, Provisions
ü  NGOs Registration and Management  (Trust, Society, Section 25(c) Company)

ü  Administrative requirements, Income Tax provisions, exemptions, applicability for NGO management.
ü  Online Government resources regarding welfare schemes, forms, format, proceedings.
ü  Right to Information Act, How to ask?, reaches, Public Grievance Reprisal Mechanism
ü  Creating Web-page, Blog, Podcast, Social networking community, discussion and online poll on social work and human resource subjective.
ü  Getting help on your queries, issues and required information through online feedback and suggestions forums.
ü  Social marketing of your organization, individual professionals and voluntary activities.
ü  Social networking through social work, HR online networks.

(For Job Seekers: Grooming you through Internet.)

-          Profile making on online job portals,
-          Job searching and applying
-          Communicating and negotiating with HR consultants
-          Social Work Jobs, searching, sourcing, applying
-          Making professional CV and cover letter (5 important aspects)
-          Briefing you for interview, GD, Written Test through Internet.


Information Technology and Internet ‘A Tool for Social Work Students and Professionals’ PROGRAM designed and conceptualized by the experiences and challenges me and my colleagues have faced as a beginner in the field of social work, human resource and labour welfare. Information Technology and internet helps students to develop career plan and cope the current challenges by the effective use of internet in personal enrichment to get much faster and competitive employment and also sustain it.
Learning through Field, Industrial Placements and in classroom, it is equally necessary for student to educate and update their selves from virtual information and databases.
Program Details:
Short Program Title: IT and Social Work ‘Retrospective’
Duration: 04 days (with 3 Hrs sessions each) depends upon the requirements of institutes.
Coverage: Students of MSW, BSW, MHRD, LLB, PGDHRM, PGDLL, MLW etc., (all semester students, especially final semester students working on dissertation, research and thesis)
-          LCD projector
-          Computer with Moderate Speed Internet Connectivity (can be availed on chargeable basis by facilitator)

Facilitator’s Profile:
I am Amul Joshi, working as project officer, CSR representative of India’s leading cable and wires manufacturing conglomerate having decent experience in the field of social work and labour welfare projects, completed my MSW from SSCCM, Bhavnagar University in 2008 followed by PGDHRM. Willing to contribute best of my knowledge and experience with the juniors and beginners who want to built their career in social work, labour welfare and human resource professions.
Contact Information:
Gmail chat: Amul Joshi

“It is not a class room teaching program, it’s a program to demonstrate and practically involve students to understand effective use of Information Technology available from Internet”

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